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the guide

Management of HIV and viral hepatitis infections are ever-changing fields and resistance to antiviral agents represents one major issue for the management of infected patients.

Guide drug interactions of interest in HIV infected patients

Guide to identify, prevent and manage properly interactions between drugs.

(only available in Spanish)

NEU Screen
The NEU provides a quick, practical and accessible clinical method for the early detection of the alterations to the central nervous system caused by HIV. It takes less than 10 minutes and the tests are applied on paper. The patient is asked to perform some tasks to measure the speed of information processing, executive functioning and verbal fluency. After completing the process, it is necessary to look at the score obtained by the patient in each area to determine whether the patient has an alteration or not..
· NEU Screen (in Spanish)
· NEU Screen - Correction Table 
· Request the full paper on this method
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SERAD (Self-reported adherence) guiding questions
Recommended questions to assess adherence to antiretroviral therapy.
· Download the questions in Spanish
· Download the questions in English

SERAD (Self-reported adherence) questionnaire
Questionnaire used to assess adherence to antiretroviral therapy.
· Download the questionnaire in Spanish
· Download the questionnaire in English