Research lines | Fight AIDS Foundation


Research at the Foundation is organized into separate lines that make it possible to more efficiently face the different challenges posed by HIV and infectious diseases.


We wish to transfer our acquired knowledge to other professionals and the public in general.



Aging and chronicity

Thanks to their greater life expectancy, patients with HIV are aging. This implies an increase in comorbidities associated with the systemic... (+)

Vaccines, immunotherapies and pharmacology

This line of research emerged from the merging of two separate lines: immunology and vaccines, and clinical pharmacology. Its objectives... (+)

Clinical virology

This line focuses on the study of HIV resistance to antiretroviral drugs including the medical and public health consequences of its appearance... (+)

Hepatitis and other liver pathology

Liver disease is common in HIV-infected patients and has been one of the most frequent causes of morbidity and mortality. Co-infections... (+)


A high percentage of people with HIV are coinfected with human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV is the most common of all sexually transmitted infections... (+)


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention strategy that involves the administration of antiretroviral drugs to HIV-negative people... (+)


Este programa de investigación nace con el objetivo de encontrar nuevos tratamientos que permitan reducir la incidencia de las infecciones de transmisión sexual, poniendo un énfasis particular en la sífilis.

Infectious Diseases

Áreas de investigación: infección respiratoria y legionelosis, One Health, inmunodeficiencia primaria por déficit de síntesis de anticuerpos, endocarditis infecciosa, infección nosocomial e infección en el migrante.

Brain function, emotion, and behavior

The Foundation’s psychology research line is divided into two areas, brain function, emotion, and behavior on the one hand, and emotional well-being on the other. (+)


It is a proven fact that proper diet is vital from the earliest stages of HIV infection. Balanced nutrition strengthens the immune system... (+)