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Management of HIV and viral hepatitis infections are ever-changing fields and resistance to antiviral agents represents one major issue for the management of infected patients.

For this reason, the Fight against AIDS Foundation publishes annually "The HIV & Hepatitis Drug Resistance and PK Guide", a guide in English developed by the best experts in the world in this area. The guide includes, for example, specific chapters on the drug interactions that may occur between medications, or on therapeutic options to treat hepatitis B and C (including newly approved drugs and other drugs in development).

Printed version (PDF)

Enter the code provided by the sponsor to access full chapters of the guide guide (last update 2017):



App version

In addition, since 2012 there is also the digital version of this guide in an APP available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (via Apple Store), and for Android devices (via Google Play). "The Guide" APP has been updated for the last time in June 2019.

"The Guide Pro" can be downloaded for 15€ and requires Web access only for the initial download and updates.

Janssen has sponsored “The Guide”. The APP can be downloaded free of charges by entering an access code provided by Janssen.

If you have any doubts or comments, please contact the Fight against AIDS Foundation:

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