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Brain function, emotion, and behavior

As is always the case for those living with chronic diseases, people with HIV require comprehensive care that must include psychological assistance. To this end, the Foundation promotes a psychotherapeutic approach to the emotional difficulties that HIV-infected individuals and the people around them have to face and is currently conducting various studies focused on improving their quality of life.

The Foundation’s psychology research line is divided into two areas, brain function, emotion and behavior on the one hand, and emotional well-being on the other.

With regard to research in the area of brain function, emotion and behavior, it should be borne in mind that, with the development of antiretroviral therapies and the increase in life expectancy of people with HIV, there has been great progress in our knowledge of the effects that the virus itself as well as the medicine used to combat it can have on the central nervous system.

In fact, from the first weeks of infection, HIV can cause alterations at a cognitive and motor level, with a great negative impact on the quality of life and the daily functioning of infected individual. Under the leadership of Dr. José A. Muñoz-Moreno, the early detection of these alterations is one of the main objectives of the Foundation's psychologists.

Research on the emotional well-being of our patients is led at the Foundation by Dr. Carmina R. Fumaz and centers on issues related to the chronicity of the infection and aging as well as the various psychological or social factors that can have an impact on people living with HIV.

Caption: Laia Costa, Mª José Ferrer, Pere Torres-Bertral, Sara Carrillo-Molina, José A. Muñoz-Moreno and Carmina R. Fumaz


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