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World AIDS Day 2017: My health, my right



(By Clara Lastra)


World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1, a campaign that has been carried out every year since 1988 with the aim of announcing HIV and AIDS progress and research, as well as raising awareness on the importance of preventing the transmission of the virus and taking the necessary precautions.


Under the slogan "My health, my right", promoted by the UNAIDS campaign, this year great importance is given to the right of any person to enjoy the best possible health, both physical and mental, and to access to correct prevention and treatment of your illness, as well as making decisions about your own health. The right to health is not only focused on the aspects directly related to it, but also on ensuring access to a home, to healthy working conditions, to justice or to a hygienic and healthy environment.


In Spain, there are between 130,000 and 160,000 people living with HIV and to date, more than 85,000 cases diagnosed with AIDS. Thanks to antiretroviral treatments, the number of people affected by AIDS has decreased dramatically in recent decades. However, it should be noted that Spain is above the average regarding the rate of HIV diagnoses in the European Union and the countries of Western Europe, with an average of 3,500 new cases per year, a figure that clearly shows how the number of diagnostics has not yet been reduced.


In many cases these fundamental rights are not applied in the same way in all groups of society, and those more marginalized are also tose who lack a right to quality health services, such as men who have sex with men, sex workers, incarcerated persons, drug addicts or emigrants from other countries. These groups find it much more difficult when it comes to accessing prevention, HIV treatment or proper medical assistance.


Therefore, this year, and from different fronts, the work for the right to health of every person on the planet will continue, with the goal of eradicating AIDS by the year 2030: offering access to the detection of the virus so that a 95% of those affected know their condition, 95% of them have access to treatment and 95% of cases reach an undetectable viral load.


On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the MyTherapy team (free application on Google Play and iTunes) has developed the following infographic in order to provide relevant data on the evolution of HIV in Spain and on the importance of adherence to antiretroviral treatment.


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