Room Mate Hotels launches the campaign “TIME TO ACT - ROOM TO HELP” | Fight AIDS Foundation

Room Mate Hotels launches the campaign “TIME TO ACT - ROOM TO HELP”

Room Mate Hotels, founded and chaired by Kike Sarasola, has started 2015 by strengthening its commitment with the Fight AIDS Foundation. This hotel company has launched the campaign TIME TO ACT - ROOM TO HELP, which aims to raise funds to keep the investigation  to find the HIV vaccine.
The way to collaborate is very simple. Any guest staying at a Room Mate Hotel can choose between the normal room key or a special key that opens two doors: the room's door and the one that opens the door to research to find a vaccine for AIDS. This key will cost 2 euros which will be entirely donated to the Fight AIDS Foundation. The host will also be able to donate a larger amount. The campaign will run indefinitely in all Room Mate Hotels around the globe, with presence in 6 countries: USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Spain.
In the words of Dr. Bonaventura Clotet: "In the current context, the lack of funding is more evident than ever: our research projects suggest that the ultimate solution to HIV/AIDS could be closer than ever but we need all institutional, corporate and social support to definitely win the battle against this disease. "
According to Kike Sarasola, founder and chairman of Room Mate Hotels: "The fight against AIDS is still one of the most important battles of the century. More than 35 million people are currently living with HIV worldwide and science is the only way to find a cure. We have decided to do our part bringing this fact to our customers and transmiting the message that if all of us cooperate, the vaccine could be at one step".
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