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The result of a merger



If you have visited our headquarters lately, you may have noticed a detail; there is a new signal indicating "Infectious Day Hospital" instead of the former "HIV Day Hospital". This is because the HIV Unit and the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Germans Trias Hospital have merged their activity to become the Infectious Diseases Service. Led by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, the Service focuses on the prevention, control and treatment of this type of diseases.


In the same floor area, healthcare will continue to be offered to people with HIV infection, but from now on, the prevention and treatment of immunocompromised patients without HIV infection, the control of nosocomial infections (those contracted during a hospital stay) or outpatient care of patients with infections will also be carried out.


Independent and competitive research in the field of HIV/AIDS now also extends to other infectious diseases, especially concerning syphilis and respiratory infection and legionellosis. The research is structured in lines to be able to face more effectively the various challenges that arise, always motivated by the needs of our patients and with the aim of achieving their maximum well-being.


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