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Promising advances in the fight against AIDS



The Fight AIDS Foundation is one of the main non-governmental organizations devoted to ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Spain through research. Chaired by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and represented by Miguel Bosé as its ambassador, the Foundation is focused in developing strategies to cure HIV, in collaboration with the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute and the most prestigious centers in the world.


In February 2017, the results of a promising clinical trial with a therapeutic vaccine (administered in people already infected with HIV) were presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Results show how, for the first time ever, the immune system of 5 HIV-infected people has been reeducated, helping them keep the virus under control while not taking antiretroviral drugs for an extended period of time. These results, although very preliminary, are highly relevant and have had a great international impact. Currently researchers keep working to improve the effectiveness of this strategy, ensuring the duration and permanence of its effect in all HIV-patients.


Group of researchers leading the BCN 02-Romi, clinical trial for therapeutic vaccine.


Another research line we are working on, is the design of treatments based on antibodies: these would "stick" to the virus coverage to inhibit the infection process of other healthy cells. What makes our designs unique is their high potency and also their ability to help the immune system destroy HIV-infected cells of the body. In parallel, new vaccines based on this type of antibodies are being studied and they could be useful both in HIV prevention and eradication.


New clinical trials will be developed soon combinating these different prototypes of vaccine, hoping to improve the excellent results obtained to date.


To go ahead with these and other research projects, the Fight AIDS Foundation needs everyone's support.


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