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New APP for professionals in HIV resistances management


FOUNDATION FIGHT AGAINST AIDS creates an application for Apple and Android devices that facilitates clinical management of HIV INFECTION AND HEPATITIS

  • This application offers the possibility of accessing, instantly and simple to permanently updated information on mutations of HIV and hepatitis B and C that can produce resistance to antiviral therapies.
  • It has been developed by the world's leading experts in this area and edited by the Foundation Fighting AIDS with support from MSD, Gilead and BMS.
  • Available at the Apple Store and Android Market from this Saturday (22nd December).

One of the major obstacles in the treatment of HIV is that the virus can mutate, becoming resistant to antiretroviral drugs. Consequently, the medication becomes less effective against the virus and viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) begins to rise. When this occurs, the patient may not notice anything in the short term as it does not trigger any alarm mechanism. However, the development of resistance is leaving the patient without treatment options gradually.

Thus, drug resistance caused by mutations of the virus, is one of the most important problems for the treatment of HIV-positive people.

In the field of HIV and hepatitis, changes in algorithms for interpretation of resistance are constant. Thus the Aids Foundation annually publishes "The HIV & Hepatitis Drug Resistance and PK Guide", an English guide developed by the best world experts in this area and provides comprehensive and updated information on mutations of these viruses that can cause resistance and on the algorithms used to interpret them.

The guide also includes chapters on drug interactions that can occur between drugs and pharmacogenetics. Moreover, taking into account the frequency of co-infection with viral hepatitis in people already infected with HIV and the recent passage of new compounds for the treatment of this infection, the guide also contains specific chapters relating to treatment options for hepatitis B and C, including the recently approved new drugs and experimental treatments.

Application created for new technologies

The Aids Foundation has developed a new tool that can be useful for professionals: has created an application that provides instant access to updated information on mutations of HIV and hepatitis B and C that are associated with resistance to antiviral drugs. This application is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad (via Apple Store) and Android mobile devices (via Android Market). The application can be downloaded for free and only requires access to the Internet at the time of the initial download and install updates.

Moreover, to download the entire contents of "The HIV & Hepatitis Drug Resistance and PK Guide" via the web / theguide, you need to log with an access code provided by sponsors (MSD, Gilead and BMS).

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