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Micro-donations to fight AIDS


Currently, with the economic crisis we are facing, the support of individuals, governments, companies, institutions and the wider community is more necessary than ever, to ensure that research will not suffer a delay that would take years to overcome. Because of this reason, one of the goals of the Foundation is to diversify the source of its resources by promoting charitable events and campaigns of all kinds.

On this occasion, a fundraising campaign with micro-donations has been launched in a joint venture with Room Mate Hotels. The initiative consists on asking customers to make ​​a voluntary contribution from a euro at the end of their stay.

Information about the campaign and the funds destination is in the rooms and in the reception, with the collaboration of the entire hotel staff. By now, and starting fifteen days ago, a proof of concept is being carried oud in hotel Room Mate Pau in Barcelona and at Room Mate Oscar in Madrid. This initiative is expected to be extended to other destinations where Room Mate has hotels (Granada, Salamanca, Oviedo and Malaga, as well as Madrid and Barcelona).

Profits will go to fund research projects of the Fight AIDS Foundation.

Room Mate Hotels wanted to participate in such an important cause as the fight against AIDS. Kike Sarasola, founder and chairman of the company has said: "When they let us know about the idea I was sure about it: the entire team of Room Mate Hotels is very sensitive to the investigation on this terrible disease and it is a great chance for us to contribute in some way. "

Scientific research in general and in the field of HIV/AIDS in particular is very expensive. Resources available in this area would yield not only in HIV research, but also in overall biomedicine.

The Foundation and Room Mate are supported by Wesum.org, social enterprise developer and manager of the initiative, which works by creating and managing innovative fundraising systems, building micro-donations platforms at any point of sale.

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