L’Oréal and its program "Hairdressers against AIDS" with the Foundation one more year | Fight AIDS Foundation

L’Oréal and its program "Hairdressers against AIDS" with the Foundation one more year



  • More than 8,000 photos uploaded to Instagram
  • More than 700,000 interactions (likes and comments)
  • Over 20 million reach


These are the great figures achieved by L'Oréal and its project "Hairdressers against Aids" with its campaign #despeinatecontraelsida (ruffle your hair against AIDS) 2016.


In order to raise public awareness of the importance of prevention and raise funds for the fight against AIDS, people everywhere (especially young people) could upload their photo ruffling their hair against AIDS and nominating other people to do the same. For each photo uploaded between December 1 and 10, L'Oréal would donate €1 to the Fight AIDS Foundation (up to a maximum of €5,000).

All the money raised, €5,000, will be used to fund the research projects of the Fight AIDS Foundation.


About "Hairdressers against AIDS"


Faithful to its commitment to the development of the profession, L'Oréal involves the hairdressers in this educational program of preventive education on HIV/AIDS that celebrated its sixteenth anniversary in 2016 and is carried out with the support of UNESCO.

El objetivo de este programa es muy simple y contundente: que los profesionales de la peluquería y a través de ellos, sus clientes, conozcan y comprendan mejor la enfermedad.


This program's goal is very simple and convincing: to incresae knowledge and understanding around this disease among hairdressers and their clients.


The project, which was born in South Africa, was promoted by the hairdressers themselves who firmly believed in the power of diffusion that their hairdressing centers could have, thus making them responsible for the multiplier effect of the preventive messages on HIV/AIDS. Hairdressing salons are the perfect environment for trust and confidence, proving to be the ideal place to report on the disease and the risks of its transmission. The hairdressers, formed by L'Oréal through the Program Hairdressers Against Aids, are committed to the prevention of the disease and are responsible for the dissemination of messages and information necessary to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.



On December 1st, on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of the Fight against AIDS, this program becomes especially rellevant. L'Oreal Professional Products promotes each year specific actions that give visibility to this project and generate fundraising for the non-profit organizations that collaborate with this cause.



: AgendaNews
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