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Hot Topics in HIV: Vaccines, Immune Recovery and Eradication


On Thursday October 10 the 6th edition of the Hot Topics in HIV Conference: Vaccines, Immune Recovery and Eradication was held in the Hotel AC Barcelona Forum.

Several experts in the field discussed immune recovery, advances in vaccines and the eradication of HIV, with the presentation of clinical studies on this subject. The conference was attended by over 70 professionals.

The event was chaired by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, Josep Maria Gatell and Jonathan Schapiro. The first two are responsible for two of the most powerful groups in research on HIV/AIDS in our country, the Fight AIDS Foundation and IrsiCaixa, and Clinic Foundation respectively. Both co-direct the HIVACAT program. Dr. Schapiro is a member of the Stanford University and an HIV expert recognized internationally.

The speakers were Dr. Mario Stevenson (University of Masachussets), Dr. Javier Martinez-Picado (ICREA researcher at the Institute for AIDS Research IrsiCaixa), Dr. Ryan Zurakowski (Delaware Biotechnology Institute), Dr. Christian Brander (ICREA researcher at the AIDS Research Institute IrsiCaixa and scientific director of the Hivacat program) and Dr. Daria Hazuda (Merck researcher).

Download the program (PDF).

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