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"The Guide" APP: New update


Management of HIV and viral hepatitis infections are ever-changing fields and resistance to antiviral agents represents one major issue for the management of infected patients. The primary aim of The HIV & Hepatitis Drug Resistance and PK Guide is to provide rigorously updated knowledge regarding HIV-1 and hepatitis viruses’ resistance and its clinical management for both clinicians and virologists. Moreover, the guide also includes specific chapters dealing with CCR5 antagonists, integrase inhibitors, drug-drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral agents.

Additionally, the application called "The Guide" provides instant and easy access to information on specific mutations of HIV and hepatitis B and C viruses that may cause resistance to antiviral treatments. The Guide is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (via Apple Store) as well as with Android mobile devices (via Google Play). The application can be downloaded for 15€ and requires Web access only for the initial download and updates.

NOTE: This application has been developed for health professionals’ exclusive use.

•    Download "The Guide" from Apple Store

•    Download "The Guide" from Google Play


MSD, Gilead and ViiV Healthcare have sponsored “The Guide”.

Entering the code provided by any of these sponsors the APP can be downloaded free of charges.


•    Get a code from MSD

•    Get a code from GILEAD

•    Get a code from ViiV


•    Download the free application from the Apple Store

•    Download the free application from the Android Market




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