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Give your light and illuminate the world against AIDS


The awareness campaign Barcelona stands up to AIDS, organized by the Fight AIDS Foundationwith the support of the City Hall of Barcelona, strats its fourth edition with the clear objective of increasing the participation of citizens. This year, in addition to the Gala, to be held on November 25, and the lighting of buildings on December 1, citizen mobilization is needed.

Give your light against AIDS works through aWEB APP,, that will be online from today till December 15. Anyone who wants to help in the fight against the disease can create a "light" message. Each person chooses a self-image or default, and a word, text or symbol with a typeface that mimics a beam of red light. The participant can locate himself on a world map and share the message by Facebook, via Twitter, or by mail.

Every time someone "likes" on your participation, connections are created. All entries and interactions will be reflected in the map of the world (using public geolocation data of each user on Facebook) resulting in a large network of places and people connected by light.

On December 15, when the campaign ends, all entries will be sent to UNAIDS, the European Parliament and the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) at the White House with a threefold purpose: to show that people who living with HIV are not alone, remember that we can not afford more infections and claim support to research to find a definitive solution.

Moreover, on December 1 over 30 landmarks of Barcelona will be lighten in red and the Give your light against AIDS party will be held at Luz de Gas, in Barcelona, with a concert by Manu Guix, Jofre Bardagí, Joan Dausà, Elena Gadel, Mònica Green, Lídia Guevara, Joan Masdéu, Salva Racero and Àngel Llàcer. It will be followed by a DJ session. Get your tickets at

In addition to support from the City Hall of Barcelona and all media from Grupo Godó (La Vanguardia, RAC1, 8TV and La Vanguardia Digital), entities of very different fields have already joined the campaign by helping to spread it: Projecte dels Noms-Hispanosida, SEISIDA (Spanish Interdisciplinary AIDS Society), the Barcelona Hotel Association, Aid for Aids, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, Unidos en Red, Chad2Win and Barcelona Municipal Markets.



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