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Eurofirms shares a solidary Christmas



Eurofirms People first (company committed for years with the Fight AIDS Foundation) has chosen to celebrate a solidary Christmas, devoting its entire budget of the Christmas campaign to three humanitarian projects. The first national human resources company, which maintains a firm commitment to the welfare of people in society with the aim of making a better world, reaffirming its social responsibility, has launched a donation campaign under the theme "Share Christmas", encouraging all its customers, workers, suppliers and anyone else, to get involved also with this non-profit initiative.


Two of the chosen social projects are promoted by the Fight AIDS Foundation. The first of these is a research project entitled "The microbiome: our second genome", which is key to the health of our immune system and which may play a decisive role in higher quality aging. The second one is the "International solidarity project in Mozambique", to help fight HIV from the Carmelo Hospital, in one of the areas with the highest concentration of cases of infection by this virus.


To spread this campaign, several communication elements have been created that will make it possible to share this Christmas initiative in multiple channels. On the website of the company you will find all the details of each project, allowing you to get involved in these causes, making a solidarity donation or sharing the initiative in social networks. Eurofirms has joined these causes with a donation of €30,000.


The third cause is led by U.Dream, a bet by Eurofirms for a social educational project in Portugal. In this country Eurofirms will launch the same campaign, but with a specific solidarity project for Portugal through the U.Dream Portugal association, the first junior social enterprise. This educational project transforms students into social leaders, with the aim of generating social impact and changing the world. Eurofirms has made a donation of €6,000 to this cause, to which anyone can join and share, also through the company's website.


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