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Drug-drug interactions in people living with HIV



Aging in people living with HIV (PLWH) favors the use of multiple co-medications in addition to antiretroviral treatment (polypharmacy). In addition, the use of alternative treatments, dietary supplements, anabolic steroids  or recreational drugs (often associated to Chemsex) is also common among PLWH. All these situations predispose to the existence of drug interactions that may compromise the efficacy of the treatment and / or the patient's safety.


Electronic resources to consult on antiretroviral treatment interactions are already available. However, most of them are based on theoretical data or on results from small studies in a limited number of healthy volunteers. On the contrary, clinical cases about drug interactions published in the literatura are relatively scant, probably due to low rates of acceptance of case reports by editorial journals.


The objective of this project is to create an open-access web page that includes a computerized registry on clinical cases on drug interactions between drugs used by PLWH (including OTC, recreational drugs or complementary therapies).


The page can be used for reportingnew clinical cases ondrug combinations, reporting new clinical cases ondrug combinations and to share information onreal-life experienceabout drug combinationsthat may be used in the clinic. The aim is to create a tool to share experience of clinical management among clinicians, pharma-cists and other professionals involved in healthcare for people living with HIV.

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