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Athletics 24 hours in solidarity with the Foundation


The 24 hours of running, which was held this weekend in Can Dragó, is a sporting and charity event, which aims to raise funds for a worthy cause. This year the event was working with the campaign "Barcelona stands up to AIDS", and all proceeds, both the inscriptions and the donations have been earmarked to the Fight against AIDS Foundation.

President of the Foundation, Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, received yesterday at the end of the test the check with the amount of money raised, € 7,028.03.

The 24 hours of athletics athletics brings together different tests. The star is the test of 24 individual hours, where participants have 24 hours to cover the greatest possible distance, circling the track. This test is recognized with the "Silver Label" by the International Association of Ultrarunners, attracting worldwide ultrarunners.

But 24 hours of track and field is not just an event for ultrarunners. To accommodate any rider who wants to participate in this day of popular athletics and to liven up the atmosphere, different types of tests are organized and even the little ones have their space.

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