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Antiretroviral drugs interaction new guideline


In people with HIV, the probability that clinical results obtained with antiretroviral therapy are affected by drug interactions is very high. Some studies show that up to 40% of patients receiving treatment uses some additional drugs that could interact with antiretrovirals, compromising its efficacy and safety.
Because of this, it is essential that people with HIV inform their doctors about all the products they are taking, including drugs that are purchased with or without a prescription, dietary supplements, herbal remedies or recreational drugs. The identification, prevention and proper management of drug interactions is considered a vital aspect between HIV specialists.
The Fight AIDS Foundation has recently published the GUIDE ON USEFUL DRUG INTERACTIONS IN PATIENTS INFECTED WITH HIV. This is a publication aimed mainly at doctors and pharmacists. Its contents, prepared by Dr. José Molto, responsible for Clinical Pharmacology research line at the Foundation, is based on information from drugs' data sheets as well as from data published on interactions on the University of Liverpool website ( The guide provides extensive and updated information on major drug interactions between antiretrovirals and different families of drugs commonly used in HIV people.

To obtain the guide, you should contact the Fight AIDS Foundation ( or MSD.

You can also download the guide here (PDF, only available in Spanish).

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