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Aging with HIV, a new medical challenge


The effectiveness of antiretroviral treatments has made HIV infection non-fatal and has chronicized the disease. "In high-income countries, half of people with HIV are over 50 years old and the proportion of infected people over 65 has multiplied by ten," says Dr Eugenia Negredo, researcher at the Fight AIDS Foundation.


However, the increase of the population with HIV and their aging poses new challenges. "Aging is associated with the decrease and deterioration of functional properties at the cellular, tissue and organ levels. All these changes increase the vulnerability to the disease and mortality and therefore need special treatment," concludes Negredo.


A group of international experts meets this week in Barcelona to discuss how to address this challenge. The congress, which will bring together more than 120 scientists and medical doctors, is called "Comprehensive Management of Aging in HIV" and will take place on September 27 and 28 in the Modernist Campus of the Hospital de Sant Pau. It is co-organized by the Fight AIDS Foundation and the Huésped Foundation and this year it reaches the third edition, after its launch in Barcelona in 2016 and last year's edition in Buenos Aires.


Through seven talks and a working group session, specialists will discuss the latest developments in aging and HIV from a multidisciplinary perspective. They will address topics ranging from basic aspects such as cell senescence, inflammation or microbiota to more clinical aspects, ending with possible interventions to optimize the management of patients and, ultimately, contribute to improve their quality of life.


The program is complemented by parallel workshops to update on other related topics such as the emergence of resistances to new drugs and begins with and opening talk by Ousman Umar, founder of the NGO NASCO Feeding Minds, which promotes the education of young people in Ghana. In addition, this edition will feature a photographic exhibition "Graying of AIDS" that shows testimonies and stories of people aging with HIV around the world.


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