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2,187 people give their light against AIDS


2,187 people have already given their light against AIDS: their messages, uploaded between november 18 and december 15,, will be sent soon to UNAIDS, to the European Parliament and to the Office of National AIDS Politics of the White House (ONAP).

Our aim is to show these institutions' representatives that society all over the  world claims for a final solution to face ravages still caused by HIV/AIDS, that currently affects more than 35 M people in the world. We ask for solidarity with people suffering HIV, surveillance to avoid more infection and support to scientific research.
The "Give your light against AIDS" campaign will remain online throughl 2014, to make this light against AIDS keep travelling and get as far as possible,

You can see some examples of light messages that have been already created and shared on our Facebook page, where you can also get all campaign updates. We also encourage you to follow the Foundation on Twitter (@FLSida).


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