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Aging and chronicity

Thanks to their greater life expectancy, patients with HIV are aging. This implies an increase in comorbidities associated with the systemic inflammation caused by the virus and by aging itself, as well as those associated with antiretroviral therapy.

For instance, compared to the general population, people with HIV suffer from more cardiovascular disease. Each antiretroviral drug has a different impact on metabolic alterations (such as an increase in cholesterol or triglycerides) and it is therefore better to use those that affect them less, especially in patients with additional risk factors. It is also important to know the genetic predisposition of each person to suffer from these types of complications.

On the other hand, kidney disorders in people with HIV are related mainly to the increase in the life expectancy and the corresponding aging of this population, but also with a higher prevalence of hypertension or diabetes mellitus. Moreover, some antiretroviral drugs can worsen kidney functioning, especially when there are other coexisting pathologies or treatments that are also toxic to this organ.

Among the population with HIV, there is a greater risk of suffering from problems such as osteoporosis or cognitive impairment, and a greater prevalence in the appearance of certain tumors. In addition, other psychological, social and functional factors that are characteristic of the most advanced age and aging have to be considered.

In order to be able to attend in a multidisciplinary fashion patients over 50 years of age, our HIV Unit enrolls them in a special healthcare circuit that includes medical visits, social assistance, and psychological and nutritional follow-up, among other things.
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