Research lines | Fight AIDS Foundation


Research at the Foundation is organized into separate lines that make it possible to more efficiently face the different challenges posed by HIV.


We wish to transfer our acquired knowledge to other professionals and the public in general.



Clinical Virology and the Microbiota Genome

Or how human pathogens and their balance with the organism causes disease.

Aging and Complications associated with HIV and Antiretrovirals

Or to identify, prevent and avoid premature aging and adverse effects that can be caused by antiretrovirals and HIV itself.

Clinical Pharmacology

Or assess the relationship between drug levels in the blood and their therapeutic effects in groups of people and specific individuals.

Coinfection with Hepatitis and Cohorts

Or to consider how to help people who must fight both infections at the same time, tracking different cohorts (groups of people with HIV).

Coinfection by the Human Papillomavirus and Opportunistic Infections

Or to detect, control and treat infection by the human papilloma virus, which can develop more aggressively in people with HIV.

Immunology and Vaccines

Or to work with the aim of eradicating HIV with the help of drugs that act on the immune system and designing therapeutic or preventive vaccines.

Brain Functioning, Emotion, and Behaviour

Or to  step in improving the emotional state of patients with HIV, determining issues such as cognitive impairment or the consequences of stress.


Or to study how diet and nutritional habits can help improve immune status of people with HIV.